Differentiating Between: Wedding planner, Wedding coordinator, and a Venue coordinator

One of the first questions we get asked by many couples is: do I need a wedding planner or coordinator if my venue provides a venue coordinator? The short answer is… yes! Both roles are valuable come your wedding day, and while there is some overlap, there are some KEY differences between the two. Did you know there is a difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator as well? Similarly, those two roles have some overlap, but there are also BIG differences. Keep reading to find out what each one does!


Wedding Planner

Wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming. Did you know it takes on average about 200 hours to plan a wedding? Yep, you read that right 2-0-0! One of the primary roles of a wedding planner is to actually plan your wedding. That includes making personalized vendor recommendations by vetting them, negotiating contracts, and helping you decide on the little details from color palette to entertainment options. They work with you to learn more about your style, budget, preferences and personalities. Wedding planners are usually with you from day one and are either the first wedding vendor you hire, or the one you hire right after you book your venue. The wedding planner’s role is not only to make sure you stay on track while planning your wedding (that way you don’t end up having to hire your vendors one month before your wedding!), but to also make sure your wedding day runs smoothly. Have questions about guest list etiquette? They can help you with that, too!


Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator, on the other hand, primarily does exactly that, coordinate. When you hire a wedding coordinator, their responsibility isn’t to plan your wedding, rather, it’s for them to come in and tie up the loose ends. That can happen anywhere between 30-60 days before your wedding and usually involves a venue walkthrough to discuss the final layout and the creation of a detailed timeline. They will reach out to your already booked vendors ahead of the wedding to confirm final details/layout and arrival times (plus load out times – i.e. any vendors coming back at the end of the night). Wedding coordinators should have a copy of all of your vendor contracts so they know exactly what you expect from each vendor. They are there the day of to line everyone up for the ceremony, tell you when things are happening such as toasts and dances, help bustle your dress, and troubleshoot during the vendor setup and breakdown process, among so many other tasks.Need help tracking down your lipstick? They can help with that!


Venue Coordinator

Now let’s talk venue coordinators. While the couple’s needs are always top priority for all vendors, the responsibilities for each vendor do differ. The venue coordinator (sometimes called a venue manager) has a primary role: to protect the venue. You can expect them to provide the facilities in good working order, confirm the layout and overall setup of the day, and make sure that all venue rules and policies are being followed. That includes from restrictions on decor to vendor load in and out. Throughout the event, they are making sure that things are operating properly and that they are meeting your wedding day needs. Keep in mind that sometimes the person that has booked your event at the venue might not be the person that is thereon the day of your wedding. Definitely a good question to ask during your venue tour! And finally, more commonly, they might not stay until the end of your event. Another great question to ask during your venue tour!


What does Luna Rosa Events Offer?

Luna Rosa Events provides both wedding coordination and wedding planning. We know how stressful wedding planning can be so we can help with vetting and booking your vendors. If you got the planning handled, we can help ease any worries about the wedding day itself by coming in for coordination services with our Wedding Day Management option. Not sure which one is right for you? Inquire below and we can help you decide based on your needs.

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